Training C.A.M.P. workouts combine Curtis's experience on the gridiron and in the NFL weight room that makes for an intense but intelligent workout.  Coach Williams's philosophy focuses on functional movement and his extensive experience enables him to blend dynamic exercises that challenge you but can be executed by all ability levels.  His passion for coaching and high energy teaching style will keep you inspired to "work with a purpose" and push you to your limits.  Prepare for Curtis to BRING IT every workout and expect to GET BETTER!




Training C.A.M.P. (Cardiovascular Agility & Muscular Performance)


Created by former NFL athlete Curtis Williams, Training C.A.M.P. is a high intensity cardiovascular and strength-training class based on the principles and actual techniques used to train professional football players. It consists of a dynamic warm up, plyometrics and drills to build power, speed, agility, endurance and core strength. After a few classes you may be ready to go pro.

Training C.A.M.P. Outdoor Cross Training


Come get leaner, faster, and stronger at the Training C.A.M.P. Outdoor Cross Training workout! This multi-level outdoor workout program will have you sprinting, jumping, shuffling, and pushing your teammates to get better as you power through every rep like a serious athlete! We will incorporate resistance bands, hurdles, agility ladders, speed chutes along with your own body weight to improve your strength, endurance and WILL POWER! So lets go…YOU ARE BUILT FOR IT!      

Training C.A.M.P. Strength & Conditioning  


This Training C.A.M.P. workout is an authentic comprehensive Strength and Conditioning workout that will introduce you to the training world of the collegiate and professional athlete. There will be weights thrown around, powdered chalk flying, athletes digging every step to get faster, a lot of sweat and maybe a little blood and tears too! The atmosphere will be like any pro/collegiate athletic facility across the country with everyone motivating each other with one common get better! Whether you want to learn new dynamic ways to train for performance or get in great shape this program is for YOU! This workout will include:


 Proper Lifting Techniques

  - Olympic Lifts

  - Strength program card to track progress (includes warm up, injury prevention and core and strength exercises) 

  - Plyometric exercise variations

  - Progressions and modifications for each exercise


 Agility & Speed Conditioning

  - Specific drills that will get you faster and in amazing shape

  - Proper running/sprint mechanics


Mobility Exercises

  - Neuromuscular release techniques and stretches that will increase your range or motion

  - Posture correction techniques

  - Hip mobility

Training C.A.M.P. Metabolic Conditioning


Training C.A.M.P. Metabolic Conditioning is a cardiovascular and strength-training workout incorporating 30-45 seconds of high intensity exercises followed by short rest periods in a circuit format.  These dynamic exercises will include battle ropes, kettlebells, TRX Suspension Trainers, medicine balls, prowler sleds, and MORE! There will also be focus on core conditioning and flexibility.


* Metabolic conditioning has been proven to burn an additional 300-700 calories 36 hours AFTER the initial workout!


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