• Curtis Williams

My experience and the benefits of CBD

Updated: Jan 7

As you may have noticed CBD has become a huge topic in wellness so I wanted to get a better understanding of what it is, its effects, and possible benefits for my own personal lifestyle. After doing extensive research to assure it was safe to use I was lucky to come across two products from a reputable company callled Korent Hemp, who provide a variety of CBD products. When considering using any products I encourage you all to definitely research and Korent Hemp displayed they took extreme pride in making safe and effective products that are all natural to assure you're putting the best possible quality CBD in and on your body. I happened to try their oil drops and topical roll-on, two products used with different purposes.

As we all know in fitness its all about working hard and RECOVERING. With using these CBD products it enabled me to do both to the best of my ability. The roll on was extremely beneficial in dulling the pain of sore muscles, specifically my lower back. This was super helpful in relaxing my muscles during and after an intense workout which allowed me train more intensely more frequently. Synergistically, the oil drop I took before bed put me in a relaxing state to be able to get to sleep faster and sleep well. These two benefits alone helped me tremendously to keep me training at my best and just feeling great throughout my week. The topical roll-on is a great additive to your stretching routine as well. Also, I often struggle with a good nights sleep, which as we know is crucial in seeing the results we want with our training, our day to day productivity and feeling good. My mood definitely seemed to also improve from using these CBD products.

Another benefit I experienced with these products is that they come in small containers that you can easily pack in a bag. Because you don't have to take much of either product I enjoy the fact I didn't have to put huge amount of products in my day to day bags. On top of that I can use these products, specifically the roll-on for muscle ache relief, without a crazy smell like a lot of the menthol topical products people use. It won't have you smelling crazy at the gym haha.

Other benefits of CBD on top of the ones I personally experienced here are that after many studies CBD can possible improve anxiety and depression, reduce acne, improve neurologically properties and heart health. Overall I'm a fan of CBD products not only because of the positive experiences I noted but also because its natural and safe. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone but I encourage you to do your research to find credible companies such as Korent Hemp that take pride in the quality of their products and can prove the process in which they make them is done with integrity.

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