The mission at Training C.A.M.P. is to design and integrate sports performance programs to enhance athletic performance, minimize injury potential and support my clients/athletes every step of the way to assure they achieve their goals.  #OVERDELIVER


We at Training C.A.M.P. provide integrated science based training that incorporates a periodized system prioritizing movements over body parts.  This system enables us to conduct the most effective sessions that get our athletes stronger, moving better and in better overall shape.  In the pursuit of perfecting his craft as a coach, Curtis is constantly continuing his education and researching the best methods in sports performance.  He applies this knowledge to each program and educates his athletes, expecting them not only to perform each movement, but to also understand the "why".  His programs are professionally implemented in a safe, competitive, and disciplined environment that are physically and mentally challenging but fun!  Coach Williams prides himself on cultivating a positive, high energy, team atmosphere that motivates his clients to maximize their physical potential and encourage others to do the same.   If you strive to improve and take pride in working hard C.A.M.P. is the type of training for YOU! #EGOFREE

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Curtis Williams, Owner of Training C.A.M.P. is a premier sports performance coach in New York City and nationwide. He was an active player in the NFL from 2005-2007, playing for the Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, New York Jets.  Coach Williams teaches athletic performance focused workouts including his signature class Training C.A.M.P®, a high intensity workout that focuses on strength, speed, agility and power. Coach Williams has worked with a wide range of athletes and celebrities as well as clientele simply looking to improve their health through fitness.  He has also sat on multiple advisory boards as a fitness expert for companies such as Samsung and Under Armour.  Curtis has over 10 years in the sports performance/fitness industry to add to his resume as a former NFL athlete.  He was also the first Director of Strength & Conditioning at New York University. (2012)

Certified as a Performance Enhancement Specialist by the National Association of Sports Medicine Curtis is committed to the functional approach to training, where he focuses on training movement, not body parts.  He coaches with a proven system that trains athletes systematically to enhance their athleticism; to build an athlete who is stronger, quicker, more agile, and less prone to injury. Regardless of ability level each athlete will be coached and educated on all aspects of their training to understand the intent of what they are trying to accomplish with each session, not just told what to do. Curtis provides a positive, high energy environment that empowers clients to reach their full potential. 

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Training C.A.M.P. is a high energy, dynamic, athletic workout for all ability levels! It consists of the perfect combination of speed and agility drills to improve power and develop efficient movement to improve your conditioning. The second phase of class focuses on plyometrics (jump mechanics), footwork, total body strength and core exercises in your the comfort of your own home using resistance with any form of equipment you can utilize. In this specific class you can use whatever you have access to such as dumbbells, long resistance bands, kettlebells and/or your own body weight! The focus of ever class is always functional; to move well, feel great, get better and perform at your best!